Blows to the Temple

Check itWe can go, toe to toe, with the blows to the temple (NOT) Not the Temple of Doom, so make roomfor the Unamerican Caravan (who you down with?)The B-Boys, I’mmenslope, Twilite Tone, Derrick and then someI don’t get rid of some faceswhile marks be lookin hard, and they be beggin basesThey have too many […]

Soul By the Pound

"Gimme a pound, thank you man" –> Tim Dog(repeat 2X, then 4X faster) I’m as bad bad, as Leroy Brown BrownYo I’m a pro pro, but not a noun nounIf you got beef beef, then you’ll get ground groundCut up in soul soul, by the pound poundI’m going downtown like Julie Brown, I’m the round […]

Pitchin’ Pennies

Hey C.S. man, umm Yeah since you don’t wanna gimme a dollar for no beer umm why don’t you gimme a lyrical shoutout on your album junior? C’mon man, gimme somethin man! Common! Ah-heh! Let’s Make a Deal, pickle I’m pitchin penny dimes and nicklesYou couldn’t sell a sticker, on the tape your DJ ticklesI […]

Just in the Nick of Rhyme

The rhyme I pick up, trick up, and like hiccup(Hiccup!) This is a good place for a stickupSo throw your hands in the air and say hell yeahI Can Beat Mike Tyson, plus I’m Fresh-er than the Prince of Bel AirAnd I Blossom, In Colour is how I’m Living seesome pretend to be afraid of […]

Take It EZ

Verse One: I’m {easy} easy, easy like Sunday morningI can kick a stupid nervous joint when I’m yawningAhhh, Common’s comin with that old oh excuse meElizabeth, this is a big one, I mean a dewe-deweDoogie, Howser, cause see I’m like BowserKickin it with the sha-na-na-na, the t-shirt, and thetrousers, how’s the, Family Ties?I’m left with […]