Can somebody tell me why truth is such a fuckin’ lie close my heart and turn it outI’m disgusted so far gone and out of reachthey kick you in the fuckin’ teethall I wanna know is why you’re all busted You can’t pressure mewhen will you see the walls that are closing inyou wanna take, […]

Burn 'Em Down

At a crossroads in your life at a point to make a decisiondo you play the game for monetary gain or do you follow a code of ethics having to deal with some with the charm of a snake that speakswith a forked tongue they’ll keep a casual bond to use you later ondisconnect yourself […]

Built To Last

Invest time, invest life invest it all, reinvent yourselfbefore you know it your essence is renewed with something fresh Your will, your waywill earn respect in your daylet the glory sharpened knife carve the future of your life let’s not praise the past, just a factBuilt to lastold school or the new doesn’t mean a […]

End The Era

Should be the end of an era an era of control that keeps minds lost in their identity The power that exists alone, should be finished should be done the suffocation can’t go onchoke on the world while just Staring at the sun a spoon fed zombie can’t be discerning one never had the chance […]


You set the standard for everyone the standard to avoid and yet you’re hogging the spotlight againand everyone is annoyed your affectations are obvious the trends so easily seen another martyr is nailed to the swatchthe fantasy is obscene You’re a prop, you’re a prop you’re a fuckin’ laughingstock You’re a prop, you’re a prop […]