Bubba Sparxxx

Its Bubba Sparxx in the streets (2x) I just hitch hiked my way from Athens to CascadePaid homage for three days been written the past eightI feel I’m the last great warrior of written lyricYou can move to Polo Club bitch you still ain’t gettin near itIf its Bubba spittin fear it, this that shit […]

Get Right

[Bubba Sparxxx]Get your ass up.. get your ass up.. get your ass up.. I hear your car keys jinglin, go ‘head and crank it upSpent a thousand on the liquor but tonight it ain’t enoughCause this town is full of drankers and they all hang with usGrabbed Betty by the arm, told her man, "Stay […]

All The Same

[Hook – Sleepy Brown (Bubba)]A fifth of Beam when you celebrate (That’s white thangs)I’ll be fine, didn’t hesitate (That’s white thangs)Sippin Henn, swervin wood grain (That’s black thangs)But to me, it’s just all the same (It’s all the same) [Bubba Sparxxx]Damn, what a difference a year and a hundred and 12 days makesCame the longest […]


[Bubba] Here it comes again[Timmy] Come on, come on[Bubba] Here it comes again[Timmy] Come on, come on [Bubba Sparxxx]Don’t I look extra slick in this Nautica?Just think, it was you that she bought it forNow you lookin through receipts tryin to audit her?Man that shit ain’t really happen, I thought it up, call her upCuss […]

Take’m To The Water

[Duddy Ken]Now truthfully, I believe that I’m the tightest nigga musicallyUsually I wouldn’t brag but I’ve been bustin since my pubertyIn a Cadillac that ride with five guls and they nudityYou can bring yo’ best words, I bet I still outrep you brutallyLow down dirty and beautiful, who wanna test my verbal side?Boy I’m fly-n-tie(?), […]