The fragile keep secretsGathered in pocketsAnd they will sell them for nothingA cheap watch or locketThat kind of gold washes offAnd the sad act like lepersThey stick to the shadowsThey long to ring bells of warningTo tell of their comingSo that the pure can shut their doorsThe angry are animals Senseless and savageThey act without […]

An Attempt To Tip The Scales

Did you expect it all to stopAt the wave of your hand?Like the sun’s just gonna dropIf it’s night you demandWell, in the dark we are just airSo the house might dissolveBut once we’re gone, who’s gonna careIf we were ever here at all?Well, summer’s gonna comeIt’s gonna cloud our eyes againNo need to focusWhen […]

How Many Lights Do You See?

How many lights do you see?How many lights do you see?There’s one to say that night has comeAnd there’s one that guards this jagged shoreAnd there’s one to call the children homeAnd there’s one to light the path they takeHow many lights do you see?How many lights do you see?There’s one to keep the shadows […]

Going For The Gold

There’s a voice on the phonetelling what had happened,some kind of confusionmore like a disaster.And it wondered how you were left unaffected,but you had no knowledge.No, the chemicals covered you.So a jury was formedas more liquor was poured.No need for conviction,they’re not thirsting for justice.But I slept with the lies I keep inside my head.I […]

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunsetSwiftly go the daysSunrise, sunset, you wake up then you undressIt always is the sameThe sunrise and a sun setsYou are lying while you confessKeep trying to explainThe sunrise and the sun setsYou realize and then you forgetWhat you have been trying to retainBut everybody knows it’s all about the thingsThat get […]