No Games

this game is overI’m getting olderyou’re coming closerover and overmy dear BriannaI need an answerwhat was the questionI can’t remember[chorus]would you, want tofeel the way that I doand I bend, to your willnot for blaming my selfand I know that you don’tlike the way that it goeswe’re all in, to beginjust remember I wintied to […]

I Wish I May

shove me under you againI can’t wait for this to endsober, empty in the headI know I can never winwhy should I have to waitI’ll just look the other way[chorus]we left this land of shiny lightsI wish I may, I wish I mightwhen all these dreams have come to endyou wish you were, you’re not […]

Natural Life

hold stillall of my lifeall of my timeI don’t wanna come back around tonightand all that I needis serenityI don’t wanna feel your new disease[chorus]the natural lifeyou’re born, you diethe natural lifeyou’re wrong, you’re rightthe natural lifeyou’re born, you diethe natural life’s a lieall of my liesswallow your prideI don’t wanna come back around tonightand […]


the light is dead in your eyeso I’ll keep livin my lifeI only wanted to tryto find my way back insidemy imitation of lifemy litigation of lifeit’s something easy to findinside the shade of your eye[chorus]out of the ground I rise to gracenobody knows it’s just a phasehelp me I’m out of breath againnobody knows […]


it started againclaimin’ a friendI couldn’t beI’ve never beenI’m all aloneout in the coldI’ll never knowyour sugarcoatyou’re ready to goyou’re ready to gobut I’ll never knowyour sugarcoatis just as sweet as I am[chorus]look what you didsuck on your lies ’til your eyes turn redwhat did you saywilling to drown in a tidal wavetake me awaylet […]