Safe Place

Another dayInside my worldI’m married toyou and this road.A road that never letsme sleep .So theres no way to escape thedemons I am forced to keep. And then I find you hereThrough your eyesEverything’s clearAnd I’m homeInside your arms,But I’m alone for now. I mean the bestwith what I say.It doesn’t alwayssound that wayI never […]


I try to breatheMemories overtaking meI try to face them butThe thought is too much to conceive I only know that I can changeEverything else just stays the sameSo now I step out of the darknessthat my life became ’cause I just needed someone to talk toYou were just to busy with yourselfYou were never […]


If ever you had said to me beforeThat I would live this life that I amLiving now I guess it’s all so strangeTo feel the way I do inisde butHave so much that I could feel somepride for in my life so why is it thatI feel like this How do I feel? I’ve been […]


Suffer The more you see the more you doThe television’s feeding you. With whatYou want to hear, anger and fear, because you suffer The hate you feel won’t go away you’re all programmed tofeel this way to live another day within a worldThat loves to suffer And then I come to find everything’s O.K. seen […]

It’s Been A While

And it’s been awhileSince I could hold my head up highAnd it’s been awhileSince I first saw youAnd it’s been awhileSince I could stand on my own two feet againAnd it’s been awhileSince I could call you And everything I can’t rememberAs fucked up as it all may seemThe consequences that I’ve renderedI’ve stretched myself […]