Do You Remember?

Couldn’t have been more than a day over threeTried to do and be everything that I saw on TVThat won’t work now like it did work back thenBut then it was easier to imagine for me We never had to care which party would winWould the fighting go on, would it ever end?Yeah, yeahAnd I […]

Oh Well

[Nate:]Since you’ve been gone I’ve been lonelyLonging to be with you onlyMaybe there’s still is a way I can find you and sayJust how I feel. [Wanya:]I can’t believe that’s it’s overWish somehow I could have showed herAll that was inside of my heart ‘stead of playing the gamesYou might have stayed [Shawn:]Funny just the […]

I’m OK, You’re OK

[Verse 1]The first thing I did wrongWas hook up with a girl who wasn’t grownShe looked like a woman but her mind worked like a childIt was her girlish qualities that made me smile The outside never showed me what was inAnd her ending didn’t look like it beganNow I know and it’s for sureThat […]

Right On Time

[Spoken:] Honey, come hereI wanna show you somethingYou know it. Listen Been away thirty days, now I’m homeAnd I’m here to stayI’ve been thinking things have been goneBut you already know cause I told you on the telephoneI remember your fingers, do you remember my handWe’d hold as we could, cause that’s all we canWhen […]

Dear God

Dear God, it’s me again I am so far from where I could have been Dear God, I would be incomplete But you came and touched my life in time of need So I’m thanking you for all you’ve done And for sacrificing your only song [Chorus: ]That’s why I’m writing you this letter To […]