Doin' Just Fine

There was a time when I thought life was over and out When you went away from me My dying heart made it hard to breathe Would sit in my room Because I didn’t want to have to go out And see you walking by One look and I’d break right down and cry Now […]

Relax Your Mind

ft. Faith Evans Come on, come onI know you’ve heard this line a thousand times thatThe way you look tonight just blow my mindLet’s go some place for we could talk a whileCause I don’t wanna lose this vibeDon’t wanna push you but where are your friends yeahI’ll make sure that you get home when […]

On Bended Knee

Darlin’ I can’t explainWhere did we lose our wayGirl it’s drivin’ me insaneAnd I know I just need one more chanceTo prove my love to youIf you come back to meI’ll guaranteeThat I’ll never let you goChorus:Can we go back to the days our love was strongCan you tell me how a perfect love goes […]

Come On

[Chorus: ]Do you really wanna rock tonight Come on come on come on come on And if you feel that the vibe is right Come on come on come on come on Say you really wanna get your body tonight Come on We can dance if you wanna dance All night come on come on […]

All Around The World

London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and RomeDifferent places, different faces still it feels like homeChina, Holland, Belgium, Rio, Africa, JapanThat’s the life we live and we do the best we canHere we go on another tour on the road againFeelin’ good it’s alrightJust enjoying ourselvesCome and take a flight withChorus:Boyz II Men back around the […]