In this world today Love is scarce and far away And your heart gets so afraid To trust someone All the times he let you down There was no love to be found Well it’s not the end There’ll be time to mend And you’ll love again [Chorus:] Never, never let a broken heart Take […]

I'll Make Love To You

Close your eyesmake a wishAnd blow out the candlelightFor tonight is just your nightWe’re gonna celebrate All thru the nightPour the winelight the fireGirl your wish is my commandi submit to your demandsI’ll do anything Girl you need only ask I’ll make love to youLike you want me toAnd I’ll hold you tightBaby all through […]

I Do

Uuhhhhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh yeeaaah yeeaah yeah [Verse One – Nate]I’m telling the world Here and now That I’m gonna love you and love you I take this vow yeeaah You captured my heart So long ago Still there are some critical things That you should know Yeeaah yeaah yeah [Chorus]Do I give all I am To be […]

Beautiful Woman

La da da da da daLa da da da da daAhh You can put them on the cover of a magazineThe finest woman you’ll ever see It would be my fantasyTo have them all surrounding meAll of them in love, it seemsTheir wanting things that they can only get from meThe best thing about it […]

Can You Stand the Rain

On a perfect day I know that I can count on you When that’s not possible Tell me, can you weather the storm Cause I need somebody who will stand by me Through the good times and bad times She will always, always be right there [Chorus: ]Sunny days, everybody loves them Tell me Can […]