Thank You

Verse: I was young (BOP) And didn’t have no where II run I needed II (wake up) and see (and see) What’s in front of me (na-na-op) I here had II be a better way II show I’m grateful (hum) So I thought up this song II show my appreciation for lovin’ me so long […]

Thank U In Advance

(Excuse me, I know we just metBut may I have this dance?)0 Sitting here with a drink in my handYour presence I can’t ignoreI must admit I like watching you danceBut it seems like I’ve seen this beforeGirl, you look like my first wifeThough I’ve never been married beforeSo I kiss your hand and tell […]

Know What You Want

I know that your heart has been so heavy babyTryin’ to find peace of mindThinkin’ ’bout him all the timeYou gotta clear those guilty feelings ladyGave him everything you hadThat’s no cause for feeling bad Girl, I know youYou’re too strong toLet a man who don’t understand Turn it ’round on youSo don’t take all […]

On The Road Again

[Verse 1]And I met her, at a time whenThere were possibilities of being friendsIt was just like, home, to a tired manI found comfort, so sad it had to end [Chorus]Thought I found, the perfect placeBut I find myself back on the road againCan’t look back, cause I see your faceSo I find myself back […]

I'll Show You

What is loveThat I’m deserving nowThat you would give to meExclusivelyTo have and to hold selfishlyI said if I should try to share with you a lifeAnd with all I am and II’ll show you that magic is still aliveYes, I willI promise till I die that I won’t let goOf your heart that’s in […]