BlueOh , so lonesome for youWhy can’t you be blue over me? BlueOh, so lonesome for youTears fill my eyes ’til I can’s see3 o’clock in the morning, here am ISittin’ here so lonely, so lonesome I could cry BlueOh, so lonesome for youWhy can’t you be blue over me?Now that it’s over, I realizeThose […]


Give give me more, step on the floorYou’re the type of girl that I’ve been looking for I don’t know much but one thing I knowYou’re making it hard to keep it down lowIf you ever wanna come to my showV.I.P – Backstage – Front row Never seen a girl looking so fineGet a little […]

Good Lookin’ Man

I’ve been catchin’ a glanceDo you like what you seeEven across the roomYour eyes been talkin’ to meEasy to tell you’ve turned some heads in your dayHopin’ you’ll choose the next slow dance to walk my way Nothin’ like a good lookin’Good lookin’ manMore about you than meets the eyeI wanna know first handBaby, I’ve […]

Girl I’ll Never Understand

This is a story of how it is Lovin’ every morningGood loving every nightThat is what I gave you,And you were so satisfiedDinner on the tableThere were flowers in the bedAnything you asked forWas it all real or just in my head? Think now, of what it should’ve beenOur love, all it could’ve beenIf you […]

Love R.I.P

If you say that you’re not seriousWalk away and just forget about usHey babyI’m not gonna take it this timeOh no..If you say that you’re not good for meYou see no future in this unityHey babyI’m not gonna take it this timeOh no.. Yeah yeah..I won’t say stop because you ask me toDon’t leave our […]