Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Blood sugar sucker fishIn my dishHow many piecesDo you wishStep into a heavenWhere I keep it on the soul sideGirl please meBe my soul brideEvery women Has a piece of aphroditeCopulate to createA state of sexual lightKissing her virginityMy affinityI mingle with the godsI mingle with divinity Blood sugar babyShe’s magikSex magik sex magik Glorious […]

Apache Rose Peacock

Sittin’ on a sack of beansSittin’ down in New OrleansYou wouldn’t believe what I’ve seenSitting on that sack of beans Lunatics on pogo sticksAnother southern fried freak on a crucifixHicks don’t mix with politicsPeople on the street just kickin’ to the licks Yes my favorite place to beIs not a land called Honah Lee (MI.)Mentally […]

Sir Psycho Sexy

A long, long, long, long time agoBefore the wind, before the snowLived a man, lived a man I knowLived a freak of nature named Sir Psycho Sir Psycho Sexy that is meSometimes I find I need to scream He’s a freak of natureBut we love him soHe’s a freak of natureBut we let him go […]

Funky Monks

There are no monks in my bandThere are no saints in this landI’ll be doin’ all I canIf I die an honest man Confusion is my middle nameAsk me again I’ll tell you the samePersuaded by one sexy dameNo I do not feel no shame You are on the roadCan I get a little lovin’ […]

Breaking The Girl

I am a manCut from the knowRarely do friendsCome and then goShe was a girlSoft but estrangedWe were the twoOur lives rearrangedFeeling so good that dayA feeling of love that day Twisting and turningYour feelings are burningYou’re breaking the girlShe meant you no harm (chorus)Think you’re so cleverBut now you must severYou’re breaking the girlHe […]