If you wouldn’t mind I would like to blewIf you wouldn’t mind I would like to looseIf you wouldn’t care I would like to leaveIf you wouldn’t mind I would like to breatheIs there another reason for your stainCould you believe who we knew was stress or strain?Here is another word that rhymes with shameIf […]

Big Cheese

Big cheese – make meMine says, "Go [to] the office"Big cheese – make meMine says, what to say?Black is black, no trading backWe were enemiesSure you are, but what am I?We were enemiesBig lies – make mineMine says "Go [to] the office"Big cheese – make meMessage? What is it? (Alt: Message? What to say)Black is […]

Negative Creep

This is out of our reach (x3)and it’s grownThis is getting to be (x3)droneI’m a negative creep (x3)and I’m stoned!I’m a negative creep (x3)and I’m … (x2)Daddy’s little girl ain’t a girl no more (x6)This is out of our range (x3)and it’s crudeThis is getting to be (x3)like droneI’m a negative creep (x3)and I’m stoned!I’m […]

Paper Cuts

At feeding timeShe pushed food through the doorAnd I crawl towards the crack of lightSometimes I can’t find my wayNewspapers spread aroundSoaking all that they canA cleaning is due againA good hosing downThe lady whom I feel maternal love forCannot look me in the eyesBut I see hers and they are blueAnd they cock and […]


Afraid – to gradeWouldn’t it be fun?Cross, self lossWouldn’t it be fun?Wet your bedWouldn’t it be fun?Sun felt numb (Alt: Some fear none)Wouldn’t it be fun?Your eyes …Teacher said,Your eyes … Teacher said,Your eyes …Teacher said,Preacher said"Don’t have nothing for you" (x7)Spell the smellWouldn’t it be fun?Search for a churchWouldn’t it be fun?Wet your bedWouldn’t […]