[Redman]It’s Funk DocWhere da weed at, bitch?!I speed back wist, down to one-way from cops See thas’ shit?! Believe thas’ shit!Slaughter straight to camcorder, I’m too hot for t.v.Backdraw water, my windpipes attached toProject-ballersYou yell: "Turn the heat down!"My voice, divi-di-round-sound, some heard round townAnd chances are ya’ll leavin’, round nowWait later, will make Funk […]

Maaad Crew

(Redman)Yo yo yo yoWe "Push Weight" with Ice Cube’s in a cup(AmeriKKKa’s) Most Wanted Police pin it up(Alaza an a)Thug passion brotha whatBloatin gettin a girl preganantOff a finger aaaaahhhhhDoc da code nameMurgin proclaims off the lot(We can die)Yeah i’m takin full blameI’m hard headed cat fitted for rythmesI touch up your shapper when Doc […]

Cereal Killer

Yeah, yeah..Murda, murda, murda, kill, kill, killMurda, murda, murda, kill, kill, kill (I’m going to kill *echoes*) Verse One: Method Man Slowly I turn, step by stepThrough the backwindow, I creptSilent as a mouse on a setWhile everybody in the house slept,I disconnect the phones and the restFind a butcherknifeCut the power lines to the […]

Fire Ina Hole

Uh..Come on (3X)State your businessCome onLet’s make it hotCome on (word)Let’s make it hotCome onLet’s make it hotCome on, let’s make it hot (hardcore to make ’em rubbers at cold)Come on, come on Verse 1: Method Man Verse 1: (method man)with all do respect to tha gameim tha ph- enom , not ready for primetime […]

Mi Casa

Redman(Verse 1) Whatcu crazy??!!?Since a buck tooth baby, DocWas like straight fuck you pay me like Jay-ZLazzy Niggas complainDoc load up the cartridge and start kickin game like AcclainThose who you call Doggs rat your nameThose who say they love you attack your changeThats why i fold down 4 fingersSay fuck the world and Jimmy […]