Part Of Me

I love you so much A part of me wants to take the world upon my shoulders A part of me wants to run around for four leaf clovers How could it be that I should want these totally different things? You see a part of me that’s safe from harm Can hear a future […]

Mary Lopez

Been searchin for a friend of mine We used to hang out all the time I called her up on the telephone It was someone else’s home Lit a room like the sun, didn’t rain When she’d smile that smile that moved me so Dark and gloom, gotta run from the pain I wish she […]

Higher Than High

Come with me, take it high Let’s take it to the top, ah I missed the plane today It doesn’t matter My phone it rang a dussin times But no one was there Tick tack, tick tack, my watch stopped It doesn’t matter Go in defult and don’t despair It’s such a struggle Just let […]

Come Into My Life

Baby I need you… Come into my life… Uh uh yeah Yeah…oh Yeah, uh, oh yeah ??? I dunno Deep down in my soul I’m losing my sense, and My I’m in for the count So out of control And I can’t surrender I’m going crazy I might be a fool But there’s no way […]

Pokemon theme

I want to be the very best,Like no one ever was,To catch them is my real test,To train them is my ‘cause,Will travel across the land,Searching far and wide,Teach Pokémon to understand,The power that’s inside, Chorus: (Pokémon Gotta’ catch ‘em all)It’s you and me,I know it’s my destiny, (Pokémon) Oh you’re my best friend,In a […]