Here She Comes

Sorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to youSorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to you After a long night of lustingShorty came home while I was crushingI’m about to get bustedI’m rushingIt’s about to unfoldAnd I’m about to get thrown in the coldCause she be on some left-eye shitMight set my […]

She Used 2 Luv Me

I remember when we were so inseparableOur love was so unusualSo young and innocentI don’t know where it wentBut it’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone Cause I believe There’s another man in lineIt’s killing meCause I thought I finally found my Mrs. RightPerfect yesterdaySoon it fade awayDisappear without a traceAnd I don’t know where she […]

Ghetto Child

{All the ghettos around the world}{Dig this}{Ghetto Fabulous Joe}{Shaggy}All the children sing {Uh} I’m a ghetto childI’m a ghetto child (Check it, out) There’s a world out there that I wanna seeThere’s a man that I’m destined to beI won’t be stopped by the ghetto streetsI believe inside that I can’t be beat This life […]

Changed Man

Can I talk to you Pain-I know that I cause you some painAnd baby I know it’s a shameThe games, the strainLove- girl all you had for me was loveAnd I ran your love in a muckNo hugs and what, what, whatWhat was I thinking It hit me like a flash a lightI realize you […]

Better Days

Ooh Child things are going to get easierOoh Child things it’s get brighter Better Days [x 4]Keep your head upBetter Days [x 4]Keep your head up She grew up in Brooklyn the Eastside and fulton streetNever knew fatherHe got shot hustlingShe stated acting much olderHer mother couldn’t control herLosing directionStarted sex’n-no protection And now she’s […]