Raised On You

You are the only onesYou save me from myselfMy company shows on meI’ve been raised on you And when it just ain’t fairNothing’s left to doBut sit down hereAnd have a beerWhatever the world wants to choose Don’t let it fadeDon’t trade love awayJust keep a sweet dream trueLet’s go tell the worldTo quit turning […]

Rockin Heaven Down

Step into the lightYour onHook into the nightThat look from eye to eyeA flash gets passed aroundA band of wild angelsRockin heaven down Roll, roll, rollRoll out the soulYou get that feelAnd everybody knowsYou’re moving their mindsMoving their minds aroundRockin heavenRockin heaven down You step into the nightOn your way back homeWhat a scene it […]


Doesn’t it look good for flyingCan’t wait for high noon to fall into nightPut out my arms the air just takes meRising moon calls me into the sky Up, up I goSearching on my radio Pilot through timeSpirit flyingMove with mineOut of time Pilot I fell throughFrom the blueI just flewInto you If the air […]

Strange Night

Get out that wig – I know youPut on those shiny pointed shoesWe’ll have a strange nightCorsage – long gown – all the restThat ain’t what we call dressedFor a strange night You’re gonna lose who you areWe could take it pretty farCan there ever be any harm No one will know youYou won’t showFeels […]

Bebe Le Strange

It’s got to be you reading my letterNot your hired handI don’t know how to say it no betterI love you and the band Never heard rockin’ like you couldHowling like you canIt gets me thinking of Johnny B. GoodeBut you know you ain’t no man When I heard you play I knew yourname should […]