Battle Hymns

By moonlight we ride ten thousands side by side With swords drawn held high our whips and armour shine Hail to thee our infantry still brave beyond the grave All sworn the eternal vow the time to strike is now Kill, Kill, Kill Kill, Kill, Kill Gone are the days when freedom shone now blood […]

Shell Shock

I don’t know Well there’s no charge for the haircut And the bullets come free My Uncle Sam sent a letter, said: He’s got a mission for me Now I’m a ranger, not a stranger And I live in Saigon We’ve got a team of special forces And we deliver napalm But if they tell […]

Dark Avenger

He broke the laws of the elders So they plucked out his eye, Took his land and fortune, Left him to die Bound on the shoreline, Left for the tide, See’s his life blood leaving… Circling lower the vultures fly These bones may be broken But the spirit can’t die And the Gods see his […]

Death Tone

Ridin’ on two wheels Chains hooked on my heels Sittin’ on leather Ridin’ on steel Put my shades on Hair blows in the wind I give some square the finger Now he won’t look again, no he won’t Now, you were sittin’ home And I got sent to Nam I went to the big house […]


We met on English ground in a backstage room We heard the sound And we all knew what we had to do We called the high command Requested leave to make a stand And in the field we grew And we all knew Soon the time would come For us to fight, Destination now in […]