Just Good Friends

[Stevie]Na Na Na-Na Na Na Na Nah![Michael]Hoo Hoo!Dancin’-Hee!Doggone Lover![Stevie]C’mon Boy [Michael]I Watched You On The FloorCheek To CheekShe’s Getting To YouYou Didn’t See-Her Eyes OnMe-NoShe Looked Right Through You(Before You Make)Before You Make(A Big Mistake)RememberThat Looks Can Fool YouBabe, Hee! There’s Something I WouldSure Appreciate(If You Can Keep A Secret) Baby Loves MeBut She Never […]

Leave Me Alone

Aaow!-Hoo hoo! I don’t care what you talkin’ ’bout babyI don’t care what you sayDon’t you come walkin’ beggin’ back mamaI don’t care anywayTime after time I gave you all of my moneyNo excuses to makeAin’t no mountain that I can’t climb babyAll is going my way (‘Cause there’s a time when you’re right)(And you […]


Your butt is mineGonna tell you rightJust show your faceIn broad daylightI’m telling youOn how I feelGonna hurt your mindDon’t shoot to killCome on Come onLay it on meAll right… I’m giving youOn count of threeTo show your stuffOr let it beI’m telling youJust watch your mouthI know your gameWhat you’re about Well they say […]

Dirty Diana

Oh no…Oh no…Oh no… You’ll never make me staySo take your weight off of meI know your every moveSo won’t you just let me beI’ve been here times beforeBut I was too blind to seeThat you seduce every manThis time you won’t seduce me She’s saying that’s okHey baby do what you pleaseI have the […]

Liberian Girl

Naku penda piya – naku takaPiya – mpenziwe)(I love you too – I want youToo – my love) Liberian girl…You came and you changedMy worldA love so brand newLiberian girl…You came and you changedMe girlA feeling so true Liberian girlYou know that you cameAnd you changed my world,Just like in the movies,With two lovers in […]