I know I was wrong and that’s not fairPlaying games with your mind cause I new you caredWalking out of the door every other nightAnd I knew two wrongs wouldn’t make a rightNow things have changedAnd what your feel is not the sameI thought we couldn’t make ends meetBut you can’t stand no more painAnd […]

Jack & Jill

Mi Mi Mi girl close your eyesMi Mi Mi got a surprise Mi Mi Mi don’t run and hide let me take you on ride First We’ll go to Cleveland we’ll kissin and huggin is what we’ll do Next We’ll go to Miamiand make it hot and steamy please believe me Next We’ll go to […]

Ooh Aah

Hey baby.I know you want me.Whether it’s wrong or right.I wanna be with you tonight.So get your things and let’s go.Let’s get outta here. How you doing baby?You looking good.And if you could stay with me.Oh girl.I know you would.Yeah.I haven’t seen you.In a long time.But the love you gave to me.Is constantly on my […]

My First Love

Silhouette, of a perfect frame,Shadows of your smile, will always remain (Will always remain).Beginners love, soon fades away (Oh Baby)We go on…I Will long as… (Long as I live)Long as I live, you will be my, (my first love).Oh baby you and only you.(Long as I live)Long as I live (my first love) you will […]

Don't Say No, Just Say Yes

Oh….Yes…[2x]Oh babe….Yes babe..[2x] I hope she answers my prayers tonite [Verse 1:] Open your heart and let me pour my lovingInside of you (…inside of you)You make me feel like living and breathing againI wanna touch you (…i wanna touch you)[Chorus:] Don’t say….No…(just say)…yes…(oh babe)Your body’s what i needDon’t say …..No..(just say)…Yes..(oh babe)I can hear […]