We stepped out of the brittle frameAnd I heard her as she cameThrough the city-streetsAnd the lavish lover-suitesMan standing next to manHe’s alone I see only facesI don’t know I see faces staringOther faces staringDon’t talk, don’t tellWe stepped out and sought for heightAnd I looked for a single starThrough a starlit skyAnd the fangles […]


Turn baby, turnYou’ve got the feeling for itI’m the musicDance with me, swayAre you ready for me?Take a chance on me.Turn baby, turnYou’ve got the feeling for itI’m in tune nowSing to me, sayAre you ready for me?Take a chance on meThe downtown boy in a daylight rouseGetting ready for the night’s ployAnd he’s waiting […]

Automatic Lover

Don’t you wanna end up with this mister?He is just being nice with his kisses and heThinks you’re not one of the smart onesSay it darlingDoesn’t seem like you want that kind of honey, honeyFrom the automatic lover’s storeTo the first floor of your backroom doorFrom the spin-spin of the fickle swirlIn a freak-freak dance […]

Liquid Man

He says to her, "There’s a woman in the upstairs window"She turns and looksThe blurred image of the echo fades awayAs the silhouette setShe’s smoking a cigaretteAnd he dissolves like smokeAs the silhouette turned and spoke,"Want to stop you, I can’t save you"Sometimes he begins to revereThe stance, the smile, the vial, the lineFrom inside […]

Let You Down

no risk, no fun I’m here, you’re goneI’m cool, you’re hot I love you notDon’t say a wordUnless you’re heardI know I hate to see you rudeI think I’ll let you downYou should have let me goI think I’ll make you leave‘Cause you have lost controlYou’ve pushed the line too farBye-byeTurn over, there’s no need […]