[Chorus]When you call I come running baby,baby when you call I’ll be right there baby, baby when youcall I come running baby, baby when you call I’ll be right.[Verse 1]What’s the deal with you and me I know you feel the chemistry,I can tell what’s on your mind,the same thing that’s on mine,oooh I feel […]


[Ja Rule]Woo, ha ha right back at ya it’s the world’s most talented record labelMurder Inc.And that angelic voice you hear in the backround,oh that’s our new princess of Hip Hop in R&B yoMiss Ashanti.[Verse]Boy you fill me with so much joy you give whatever it is I need,my love here to stay won’t ever […]


[Chorus 2x]Can’t believe that it’s over babyBut every bruse on my heart you gave meSee we tried but we fight then we cried now it’s over babe it’s over babe.[Verse 1]When I met you I knew you would be the one,me cause looking at you made me feel kind ofcrazy,now what you asked I almost […]


[Irv Gotti]Ma what’s going onWe sitting here manDigging on each other I’m feeling the shit out of youYou feeling the shit out of meWhat you scared don’t be scared[Verse 1]It was around 11:30 when I realized I miss you,sitting at home all alone thinking what did Ijust do, feeling was strong coming on and I […]


[Verse 1]Looking in the mirror I can see myself standing in yourArms holding me and kissing me and loving me, ooohYou just can’t get enough of me now I’m on the phone tellingYou I’m all alone so come on over I’m out the shower now,about to oil down I can’t wait till you get here.[Chorus […]