Lollipop (Candyman)

I am the Candyman, coming from BountylandI am the Candyman, coming from Bountyland I wish that you were my LollipopSweet things, I will never get enoughIf you show me to the sugar freeWill you give me a sodapop for free Come with me Honey, I’m your sweet sugar CandymanRun like the wind, fly with me […]

Calling You (Operator)

C.A.L.L.I.N.G. now I’m calling you, calling you nowC.A.L.L.I.N.G. now I’m calling you, calling you now I can’t get my message throughWhy don’t you pick up the phoneAll my love, is running down the lineBut you won’t recieve it, no ,no I will whisper sweet words and cry if you tell me the sameWhat I hear […]

Doctor Jones

Sometimes, the feeling is rightYou fall in love for the first timeHeartbeat, and kisses so sweetSummertime love in the moonlight Now the summer is gone, you have to go back homePlease come and see me again, I never felt more aloneBaby, I’m missing youI want you by my sideAnd I hope you miss me tooCome […]

Be a Man

The world is quiet, like there is no one aroundBut I feel you beside meI know the secrets, you keep locked away insideDon’t understand, why you’re fighting No, she must be special, this new girl by your sideI seek for answers, when I look into your eyesAnd he turns, so I can’t, but I will […]

Happy Boys & Girls

Be happyCome on let’s go get it onBe happy, be happyCome on let’s go get it on!Be happyEverybody let’s go have some fun I don’t want to waste my time on simple little thingsI’d rather stay here all the night with happy boys who singsCome on let’s go get it on, everybody let’s go have […]