Street Shit

[Busta Rhymes]Yeah.. this one appears to be very forceful..Very forceful.. yeah, here we go nowNiggaz, bitches, where you at talk Thug niggaz let me see y’all, yeahHah, before we slap niggaz silly with somethinand put you out your misery and your sufferinUh-oh! Yeah, and just for frontin, you got me bustin two nines with one […]


[CHORUS]What this world is comin to, to, toCan you see, see, see, seeWhat’s in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you [Verse 1]Yo, right before I lay your soul to sleepWitness the day of your wreckin and wit god on the streetBehold! What the fuck y’all niggas come around here forWe […]

How Much We Grew

[Intro:]yeah this next joint right here…is dedicated to all my niggas that I loveall the niggas that held it down with me through the whole shitfrom the beginning of the fort, to the now current day of the fortfrom the beginning and the birth of this whole shitto the now success of this whole shitand […]

Salute Da Gods!!

[Busta Rhymes]Yeah, yeah, yeahThe Anarchy, Busta Rhymes shit c’mon! [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] Ready for Busta RhymesHe’s the one we’ve all, been waiting for, forever(I feel so fuckin good, my people!!)Ready for Flipmode Squad(So powerful!! So good today!!)They’re the ones we’ve all, been waiting for, forever(Yeah!! Yeah, new "Rulership"!!)Ready for Busta Rhymes(It feels so fuckin good […]


Now (now)Ready for wylin’ my niggasLet’s set it like we on an island my niggasI’m with it (What what what what)YoMy clique startle bitchesWith a remarkable sparkleFor my bitches with me (What what what what)You know we stay dumbAnd keep shop runningJust the like the 24-hour deliThe way y’all niggas be popping that shit you […]