So make it realJust make it real That’s not a reason to fire meThat ain’t no real reasonIt’s funny things cheapen when we disagreeIf things got any worse then cheap would turn free [Chorus:]Calico cats and calico dreamsThat ain’t too real Just make it real Feel all the seasons flood through you and meAnd see […]

Orange Appeal

Half the rude you brought once has coldWe send with friendsAll the evil actions worked my mood on youAs the energy comes from the waves at cliffsMoan missWe look for leaves on the family treeAh:thee won’t singHalf the rude you brought once has coldWe send with friends Compare an apple to an orange like in […]


Your waves come crashing downLike a semi-auto trailerI dive so deep in the seaTo avoid killer whalesA perfect moment here and goneIt has sailedI’ll use a hammerhead to driveRusty nail inside [Chorus:]I’m feeling the sea beneath you, beneath meI’m feeling the sea beneath you, beneath me I’magine if our world was blue and weightlessI never […]


Maybe I act on confused behaviorMaybe waves crash like semi trailerMaybe I’ll spend my off time without youIt seems like we need our own space And all the time I wasted awayI don’t feel good unless you stayAnd all the times I chased you awaySimply to catch back up with [Chorus:]Your solitude is welcomeYour attitude […]


Contrary to the matterWho you are, you are notCome with me, I’ll show you SaturnPlanets don’t quite align You should try not to be so courageous [Chorus:]I never said you were a mistake at allYou got it all wrong, you’re misunderstanding Traveled far for a loverWho she was she was notBut honestly it don’t matterAliens […]