I’m lookin’ for someone who can made me feelA serious love like Juliet’s is realA little impulsive and a boy at heartA little bit shy but he’ll be oh so smart Superman I need a superman You got a complicated girl like meHe’s gotta be fair and treat me properly yeahI want him to understand […]

Feel Your Love

Baby, I’ve got this thing for youI’m thinkin’ there’s somethin’ goin’ on nowA wicked imaginationA serious kind of somethin’ newIt’s drivin’ me right out of my mind nowIt’s gotta be desperationCan’t feel no pain when I’m thinking about youDreamin’ isn’t black and whiteCan’t make no gain ’til my vision c-comes trueGive it to me like […]

On My Own

Why do I feel it’s all up to me to see thateverything’s right and it’s how it should beWhy don’t they just leave me aloneI’ve got to prove I canLittle girl with stars in her eyes they’vegot her all figured out and there’s nowhereto hide why can’t they all see who I amwhen will they […]

Oh Yeah!

My name is Alanis. I’m a white chick singerthe drums are a-smokin’ and so’s the bassShake your thingWhen you singjust sixteenno disco queen I’m a white chick singer I’ve seen the world I’ve gota lession 4u I’m your teacher girlTwo words you’ll be hearin’ willshake the earth so repeat after meNo need to be rehearsed […]

Human Touch

Give me what I’m askin’ forStop bringin’ me down or I’ll slam the doorYou’re getting out of line with the Beverly BoysYou start makin’ the moves they start makin’the noise You know you’re not getting luckylivin’ the life because you’re movin’ tothe jungle and paying the priceYou’re livin’ right along with the New Brady Bunch […]