It doesn’t matter what you say,I don’t believe you anyway,Talking love is easy when it’s new.Slow down don’t move so fast,This feeling may not last,I’ve been wrong before, haven’t you? Don’t cry to me, if it’s just a fantasy,Shame, shame on you,You should know better than to play with a heart that’s true.Shame, shame on […]


You are beside me, I’m part of you nowLove of my life this moment was made for us somehow,Where did you come from and how did it start,Was it a star from heaven that brightened up my heart? That light keeps shining on meSince you walked into my life,You’re here and now I can seeWhatever […]

Mr. Persuasion

Now I made up my mindBut it’s never too late,You can turn the tide in any conversationYou sway me when you say it that wayOh, I imagine whatever you say. They call you Mr. Persuasion,‘Cos you can talk me up and downAnd all you do is tell me that,That’s cos’ you’re Mr. Persuasion,That’s cos’ you’re […]

Concerto D'Amore

Concerto D’Amore,Concerto D’Amore,Erklingt für jeden der einmahl sein Herz verliertDenn Amor dirigiert. Mann hört es am Morgen,Mann hört es am Abend,Und wenn mann sich von Herzen liebtWie du und ich, erklingt es immer wieder neu. Concerto D’Amore,Concerto D’Amore,Das hört im Leben jeder einmal irgendwannDer sich verlieben kann. Heut’ bist du allein, denk’ an mich,Denn er […]

Save Me (Why Don’t Ya)

I talk to my mirror nowWhy does it have to be me?Oh, listen to the rumours nowPick up the pieces and see.Oh, but I’d never hurt you, I wouldn’t want to,Why does everybody look for troubles when there isn’t any?No one listens to me, so I’m talking to you. Go walk in your sunshine now […]