Little White Secrets

It comes down to thisYour little white secrets are coming between usSooner or later they’ll turn into little white liesAnd I know, yes I know, that your passion’s unspokenOut of control, you think nobody knows. I understand you, I understand your little white secretsI understand you, your strength and your weaknessI wanna know, wanna know […]

Eyes Of A Woman

I met her at the airport, we talked on the planeShe saw that I was downcast and said it was a shame.I gave her all the reasons for being in despairShe said that explanations won’t get you anywhere.It’s not a matter of virtue or the cause you defendIt’s only the moments of choice that count […]

Fly Like An Eagle

Could it be we cherish a dream?Could it be the way that it seems?You and I,Together we discover the scene. Leaving all your troubles behind,Leave them all and open your mind,You and I, forever we hold on to itTogether we can find We can fly, fly like the eagle,On the wings of the sunlight under […]

Glöm Honom

Du går omkring rastlös och sur, varför det?Trodde du att han skulle stanna kvar hos dig?Det gör mig ont att han skulle svika både dig och migDu får gråta här i knät på mig om du vill. Glöm honom, ooh-ohGlöm honom, ooh-ohFör han har nog redan en ny igen. Det gör mig ont att han […]

I Keep Turning Off Lights

Staring into space, I try to convince myselfIt doesn’t really matter that I’m living your life not mine,Then holding my head up highI swallow hard and ask myself why.How is it I find myself here with you? I keep turning off lights,And getting under coversCaught up in your nights,Crying for the answersOh, I keep turning […]