I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever

It feels so good to be by your sideOh, darling let me be your guideFrom tonight let’s stay together.There’s a blue moon up in the skyTonight, it’s there for you and IDarling, let my love surround youOh, but I’m so glad I found you. Chorus:I wish tonight could last foreverOh, darling can we stay together?From […]

It's So Nice To Be Rich

It’s so nice to be rich, rich, rich, rich…Young, smart, handsome, and rich, rich, rich, rich…To dress up in the mink againAnd swin in the pink champagne,Oh how I loathe old age, stupidity, and hunger,I prefer to be full, cleverer, and younger,Oh you old dumb bum in the ditch, snitch, snitch…And get rich, rich, rich, […]

One Way Love

One way love, it never sleeps, it just grows deeperOne way love, it pulls you in, it takes you downAnd I wish I knew what I had to doTo get into your life, to get close to youBut baby, it’s a one way love. One way love, if you could only see me as I […]

I Wasn’t The One (Why Said Goodbye)

Your eyes and my eyes haven’t talked in quite a whileSeems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smileThere’s a dark cloud that’s hanging aboveMemories never lie, still we talk about the way that it wasAnd I think we both know the feelings haven’t died. I wasn’t the one who said goodbye, oh noI […]

If You Need Somebody Tonight

If you need somebody tonightHere I am, here I am,If it’s love you need in your lifeHere I am tonight. If you want somebody to holdTake my hand, take my hand,If the night is getting too coldTake my hand tonight. I will hold you, I will love you,I will be there right beside you,You will […]