I Won't Be Leaving You

We sat down togetherOur table for twoWe went through the menu so slowlyI just couldn’t take my eyes off you.The juices were flowingBut time wouldn’t moveWe gazed and the waiters were waitingThey came and went awayEverything around me disappeared. Don’t you worry no moreI won’t be leaving you (now I believe in you)Don’t you worry […]


Doktorn, jag är fast i en vanaJa, ingen kan ana vad jag har det svårt,Ni hypnotiserar folk mot lasterDet sa min faster som pimplade port,Nu måste jag få en tid. Åh snälla Doktorn, mmm Doktorn,Hjärtat slår, kan inte gå i trappor en gång,Doktorn, mmm Doktorn,Kanske det har gått för långt,Åh Doktorn! Har försökt dra ner […]

I Won't Let You Go

Some girls want to play with youDoing things that they really can’t doThey think that love is a game to playThey oughta know that I get my way. They look at you with starry eyesVery soon they all realizePlay with fire and your fingers burnI wanna tell them, they never learn. I won’t let you […]

Take Good Care Of Your Children

Make your life worth living forMake it into something good. Take good care of your children,Mothers and fathersShow them that you love themTake good care of your children,Sisters and brothersWe all need a little loving. Make your life worth living forMake it into something goodIt’s all here in our own handsSo we better think positive. […]

Love In A World Gone Mad

Both sides of your windowsSomething crazy’s going on,Troubles in and outsideIt’s hard to tell where you belong. Time and time againOut searching for that silver lining, friendYou keep holding on, you keep holding on. Love in a world gone mad,The best thing we’ll ever haveLove in a world gone mad,And it’s so precious that I […]