Jag Var Så Kär

Säg, kan du förlåtaMina hårda ord när jag gick?Det jag sa kunde låtaSom om du aldrig tillbaka mig fick.Jag trodde jag var kärI den vännen som jag svek dig för. Men nu först förstår jagAtt det var ett misstag av mig,För det är du, bara du,Som framför mig stårVartän jag går. En gång, för länge […]

Just One Heart

The fever’s running in the cityPeople want to make it so much worse.On the high street I can see no pityPeople with their faces in the dirt. Just one heart, that needs to openJust one word will break the iceOne touch, to kill the darknessOne kiss to give it light. Just one heart, that needs […]

Here For Your Love

Here for your love so please don’t hinder me,Unbolt you door now, don’t be a bore now.Here for your love so please don’t hinder me,Please let me in, ’cause once I’m in you’re in heaven,I promise you, mmm, you’ve got it coming to you,I’m here for your love so please don’t hinder me,Once I get […]

Never Again

Our nights are over,It’s just a long flight home,The last touch in the morningIs forever gone,Mmm, oh baby, I want to hold you once againMmm, baby, it would never be the same Never again, will I look into your eyesNever again,Never again, will I hold you late at nightNever again. Tomorrow’s waiting,It’s time for me […]

Maybe It Was Magic

There were good timesI still remember when I made you smile,When life was easyWe’d coexist in a comfortable style,And there were feelingsI was inclined to believe they would never fade,It’s so funnyHow things don’t always work that way. There was something in the air,Maybe it was magicAnd there was something in your voice,When you used […]