Fussing And Fighting

Why’s this fussing and a-fighting?I wanna know, Lord, I wanna knowWhy’s this bumping and a-boring?I wanna know, Lord, I wanna know now We should really love each other (love each other)In peace and harmony (peace and harmony), oohInstead, we’re fussing and fighting (fussing and fighting)And them workin’ iniquity (… iniquity) Why’s this fussing and a-fighting?I […]

Stand Alone

There you are, cryin’ againBut your loveliness won’t cover your shameThere you are, you’re takin’ true loveAnd while you’re takin’ true love, you given the blame (How could I …) Could I be so wrongTo think that we could get along?Days I wasted with you, childIf I count there’ll be a million or twoNow I […]

Sun Is Shining

Sun is shining, the weather is sweetMake you want to move your dancing feetTo the rescue, here I amWant you to know ya, where I stand (Monday morning) here I amWant you to know just if you can(Tuesday evening) where I stand(Wednesday morning) tell myself a new day is rising(Thursday evening) get on the rise […]

Lively Up Yourself

You’re gonna lively up yourselfAnd don’t be no drag,You lively up yourself cause reggae is another bagYou lively up yourself and don’t say noYou’re gonna lively up yourself cause I said so (Hear what you gonna do)You rock so you rock so like you never did beforeYou dip so you dip so, dip thru my […]

Don’t Rock The Boat

Huh, please don’t you rock my boat‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’ anyhowPlease don’t you rock my boat, no‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’ I’m tellin’ you that, oh, ooh-aah, I like it a-like a-thisCan you miss?And you should know, ooh-aah, when I like it a-like a-thisAm I really […]