I Hear a Symphony

You’ve given me a true love
And every day, I thank you, love
For a feeling that’s so new,
So inviting, so exciting

Whenever you’re near,
I hear a symphony
A tender melody
Pulling me closer, closer to your arms

Then suddenly (I hear a symphony)
Ooh, your lips are touching mine
(Ooh, baby baby) A feeling so divine
‘Til I leave the past behind
I’m lost in a world
Made for you and me


Whenever you’re near,
I hear a symphony
Play sweet and tenderly
Every time your lips meet mine, now, baby

Baby baby,
You bring much joy within
Don’t let this feeling end
Let it go on and on and on

Now, baby baby baby,
Those tears that fill my eyes
I cry not for myself
But for those who never felt the joy we felt

Whenever you’re near,
(I hear) A symphony
Each time you speak to me,
I hear a tender rhapsody of love now

Baby baby,
As you stand holding me
Whispering how much you care,
A thousand violins fill the air

Now, baby baby,
Don’t let this moment end
Keep standing close to me
Ooh, so close to me, baby baby

Baby baby,
I hear a symphony
A tender melody
(fade out)

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