Somethimg To Believe

I believ that reality’s gone
Disilusion’s real
I believe that moralities gone
And there’s nothing to feel

If you take the sacred things
The things we hold dear
Empty promis is all you’ll find
So give me something
Something to believe in

I Belive in the changing of the guard
Put our feet on the groud
See it happen in you’re oun backyard
Everything breaks down

Do you except what you are told
Without even thinking
Throw it all and make your oun
And give me something
something to beleive in

Were they lead
You will fallow
I guess thats just the way it goes
And if you look away
You’ll be doing what they say
And if you look alive
You’ll be singled out and tried
If you take home any thing
Let it be you’re will to think
The mor cynical you become
The better off you’ll be

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