Floyd The Barber

Bell on door ring; ‘come on in’ (Alt: Hello Cobain – come on in)
Floyd observes my hairy chinSit down in [the] chair, don’t be afraid
Steamed hot towel on my faceI was shavedI was shamedI was shamed
Barney ties me to the chairI can’t see, I’m really scared
Floyd breathes hard, I hear the zip
Pee-Pee pressed against my lips (Alt: Beat me, pressed against my lips)
I was shamedI was shavedI was shamedI sense others in the room
Opie, Aunt Bea, I presume
They take turns, they cut me up (Alt: They take turns to cut me up)
I died smothered in Andy’s Clutch (Alt: I died smothered in Aunt Bea’s muff)
I was shamedI was shamedI was shaved

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