It Takes More

(Verse 1)
The shit that you promote,
fightin, fu**in’ like you dont want 2 grow.
You talkin so much sex, but u nah tell the
youts bout aids and u tell them ’bout consequence,no
you talkin like u a G, but you were killer killing
your own, your just a rasist mans pussy.
Tell me who wants 2 know, what, when, who, where
or how you do your hoe

(Pre Corus)
Certainly not, me
certainly not, me
cos baby personally, i like 2 be
challanged mentally
I’ve heard it all before gangsters,
pimps and whores
quality is poor
A girl like me needs more

It takes more 2 amuse a girl like me,
So much more 2 confuse a girl like me.
They got u, cos while you’re braggin bout
your badness your just
Avoidin, addin to the reel shit that’s happening to us

(Verse 2)
Who gives a damn about the ice on your hands,
If it’s not too complex tell me how many
Africans died for the buggettes on your rolex
So what you pushing a nice car, dont you know
theres no such thing as superstars
We leave this well alone so who gives a fu**
about the things you own

Pre corus x1
Corus x1

Now i could sit and chat shit bout dicks and sex
but my business iz my business i got self respect
i could talk about how my pimp man doe
get the keys to his ride and his home,
but i looked it up and that would make me a whore,
little sisterz now i really gotta let you know,
reel woman ain’t sexin for no mans doe
Reel woman work hard to make there own,
And we can all chat bout gats and blacks on blacks,
Enforse the hypes and all be stereotypes,
But you still watchin that ain’t wot i’m here for
Show em to think higher and espire to do more

Corus x2

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