If It's Over

Won’t you talk to me,
This is so outta hand, (out of hand)
Somethings gone wrong,
With the love that we planned,
Won’t you look at me,
You’re avoiding my gaze, (yes you are)
And it seems like you changed in so many ways.
Ohhh it isnt fair,
It isnt right
If its really gone, then tell me tonight
If its over(over),
If it’s over
Let me go (just let me go)

Don’t you know, i dont need no appology,
No, im not looking for, no sympathy, ohhh
All im asking for
Is for your honesty, wont u give it to me
Give it to me now,

It isnt fair,
It isnt right,
If its really gone, then tell me tonight
If it s over (over),
If its over, baby, if it’s over
Wont u let me know
If its over(over), if its over
Let me go

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