Take My Scars

It’s been around for a thousand years
And it’ll be here for plenty more
it is the face hidden in disgrace
That has become now an open sore
It is a false messiah
It is the face of pain
The bringer of the bittersweet
The heretic insane

Take my scars
Through hands of God
I found a better way
To break the walls

Fed all the lies and desensitized
Taught to believe that it is the way
Taught to divide and exactly why
You’ll never understand my rage
You’ve never had to borrow
You’ve never had to steal
You eat it with your silver spoon
For me it’s real


Blood and concrete
Piss and wine
Whores that fuck
To feel divine
They’ll clean their needles
In their shrine
In ignorance
It’s bliss you find
Why can’t you fuckin’ open
Open up your eyes

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