Go Deep

[CHORUS: (2x)]
We go deep
And we don’t get no sleep
Cause we be up all night
Until the early light

I’m feelin fine cuz I’m dyin to be out tonight
I’m startin out makin sure I look fine tonight

Call Rene and Boo
Gotta meet them soon
Tell T to call Shawn
I’ll be there at 1

When we show up
All the guys at the club
Tryin get our backs
We look good in black

[CHORUS (2x)]

I’m feelin high cuz I’m outta control tonight
(feelin high don’t wanna stop)
He’s got me movin DJ groovin and I feel way right
(groovin I don’t wanna stop)

Ooh I’m gettin freaked from behind
I don’t even mind
Cuz he’s lookin damn fine
I’ll make him mine in time

Gotta take him home
When I get him all alone
I’ll make him scream and moan
He won’t wanna stop

[CHORUS (4x)]

I’m feelin high tonight
Outta control tonight
I’m feelin high tonight
I feel high

[CHORUS (8x)]

We go deep

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