Cosmic Girl

I must’ve died and gone
to heaven
Cos it was a quarter
past eleven
On a Saturday in 1999
Right across from where
I’m standing
On the dance floor she
was landing
It was clear that she
was from another time
Like some baby Barbarella
With the stars as her umbrella
She asked me if I’d
like to magnetise
Do I have to go star-trekking
Cos it’s you I should
be checking
So she lazer beamed me
with her cosmic eyes

She’s just a cosmic girl
From another galaxy
My heart’s at zero gravity
She’s from a cosmic world
Putting me in ecstasy
Transmitting on my frequency
She’s cosmic

I’m scanning all my radars
Well she said she’s
from a quasar
Forty thousand million
light years away
It’s a distance solar systems
I tried to phone but
they don’t list ’em
So I asked her for a
number all the same
She said,step in
my transporter
So I can teleport ya
All around my heavily body
This could be a
close encounter
I should take care
not to flounder
Sends me in a hyperspace
when I see her pretty face

(Ref. 8x)

She’s just a cosmic girl
From another galaxy
Transmitting on my frequency
yeah cosmic,oh
Can’t you be my cosmic woman?
I need you,I´want you
be my cosmic girl
for the rest of time

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