Message 2 U

Verse 1
I get crazy butterflies inside thinking ’bout your love
Would it be too much to ask for, for you to open up?
I’ve been searchin’ for an honest man
Someone to make me smile
Like a summer breeze can you feel me boy I’m
Reaching out

Only time will tell if what I feel is true
‘Cause all I see and feel leads me back to you
Some way some how I wanna know your love
And you don’t even realize heaven sent you from above
Yes I hope

Hope you get this message I send
Because I love all the time that we spend
I’ve been longing for you to come through
I hope you get this message for u

Verse 2
Isn’t it scary how we lose control of what we feel inside
Barely knew your name a short while ago but now you are my life
I’ve been waitin’ waitin’ for the perfect opportunity
To let you know just how I feel and what you mean to me



And my life has no meaning at all if I can’t
Give my heart and soul to you and for you
I’m giving it all
Whatever it takes I’m sending
This message for u

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