Closer to me

Close to me girl your on my mind
and girl i think about you all the time
and even though words are hard to say
girl i miss you never thought i’d feel this way

Chourus: if you keep on taking my heart you’ll be breakin so why do u do this to me
you know how i’m feelin
it’s you i believe in
baby can’t you see that i need you
you know that it’s true
everytime i see your face i miss you baby
you know that it’s you
i’ll never let you know your drivin me crazy
i do anythin to help you to see
i don’t think you understand what your doin to me
you know that it’s true
everynow and then i wanna call you baby
you know that it’s you
i said one day you’ll be back to me lady
oh yeah
life ain’t anythin alone can’t you see
your an angel in my eyes everyday
your closer to me

nobodys there when i call your name
and nights so cold girl without your flame
but if i could girl i’d make you see
that i’m sorry and that i need you here with me


Rap: everyday your guna mess with the past
of a love that we hoped would last
how we used to be when there was you and me
how did it all dissappear so fast
better days that i can’t forget
there are things i now regret
i was there for you when you were there for me
and i was thinkin we were set
every night when i’m layin in my bed
hear your voice goin round in my head
thinkin of all those things i could of done
and all those things i could of said
i really will make it up to you
it took time but now i’ve realised
how much i missed you

Chorus x2

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