Skin Like Winter

Ashes to ashes dust to dust Beautiful child turnig into stone With your eyes so dim I shudder Bitterness runs through your soul Like small children Confusion dances in the dusk of your mind Echange your blessings for deceptions good night kiss Skin like winter Cherished one fading away I can see your breath begging […]

Kathleen Barbra

Mother I have a gift for you It’s the only thing I can offer All you know is entropy Still you shine as the sunrise But inside I can hear your spirit die Your spirit dies from the inside Your spirit dies from the inside

A Pirate’s Prayer

Marekd to be alone. And my eyes are closed. Drown and separate. For sakes of discernment. Walk with the broken pieces. They do not say a word. They speak not a word to the broken sea. Not burnt by fire. Or pulled by the flood. They come to rest in crimson pools of blood. Guided […]

A Fall Farewell

In a time of quietness I reflect on childhood memoriesCaught wisping through my mindFalling leaves create the stageWords spoken were not cherished On the last day of our friendshipAnd those words were possibly the lastWhat were your thoughts As a dreaming child I awaken to a nightmareAfter a gentle nudge I find out you’re gone […]