My sight finally returnsOnly to see my hands covered with the innocent bloodOf those I stand before as an exampleAnd I hold this ember in my heartIt reminds me of who I once wasIt’s the only warmth that I know Ember of Your faithfulnessEmber of Your still small voiceEmber of embracing armsEmber of rebirth to […]

Man In The Womb

This man sits staring. Left lost in hand. You want a real solution? Well we’re doing the worst we can. Bodies make the scariest sounds. As Johnny sings, he sings the blues. So come on and spread your gospel. You’ve got change on your mind. So get down on me, get down on me.

If These Scars Could Speak

Breathe Come out of your stare Touch the ground with your prayers Breathe out the lies Breathe His words were sharpened hooks beneath your skin You left them in As he shone into the eyes around him Cradled by a cold floor Isolation shows his true motivaiton Her pedals are slowly torn away Scarlet adorns […]


evelation, unknowing has been taken.why had i waited so long?refrained for this love,never open to the hope he has.how could i reject this?he was calling my name,searching for me.i always turned away,not wanting to believei had a need for him.feeling this emptiness.not knowing he could fill.drowning in my efforts to find comfort,i searched and strived […]

In These Times Of Silence

What else is there After the slipping away When everything is silent And nothing is around, alone Looking deep inside Hearing the echo of my soul No one can know In there times of silence These times of separation I find there is a void that rises up A peace that brings my tears A […]