lies, depreciation of self.moral demise.the corporate machine of america."in god we trust"statement of political banter.plastic words for a plastic nation.bred to live the american dream.elderly parents in institutions.billions of dollars for the promotion ofcutting edge abortionary practices.prayer in schoolhas been replaced with condoms.the value of quality family timehas regressed to television’s filth and sexual innuendo. […]

Paradise Of Chaos

We march like fools in a parade of chaos. We march like fools in a parade of chaos. Led by our enemies. While we sing their praises. Led by our enemies. While we kiss their hands. The morning rained fire. Let the heavens retire. Over the eyes of the blind. And the vioces of spoiled […]


And what shall I do I try to speak and words stop short of my tongue They make their way back to my thoughts Still crafted by a still soul I move my eyes around trying to find a place to rest I can’t see it but I feel the light Someone tell us we […]

Growing In Grace

His love He is King He is with us He is God He is with us He is God (Not a clue) In refuge and strength Ever present help in trouble Without fear As the nations uproar And the kingdoms fall He lifts His voice melting He is with us He is God He is […]


With open arms I’ll be held down by the Spirit of God I refuse to turn away By the world and its lies Everlasting words like water flows through my heart As the wisdom runs deep within Foreseen through my Savior The complication has been done With wisdom and truth inside No reflections from the […]