Midnight Fantasy

It’s half-past twelve, and I’m on my ownPuttin’ on some music, turn the lights down lowTemperature is rising, and I’m in the moodI’m feelin’ you, what you make me do I wonder baby do you ever think of me?Would you go for whatever comes naturally?I’m lyin’ here, I’m waitin’ all alone in my bedThinkin’ bout […]

No Trix, No Games

(I know what buttons to push to turn a man on)Yeah I can make you blush I can make you sweatMake you come over all possessiveLike I’m your angel to protectMake your heart beat at 134 beats a minuteThink your life’s empty without me in itBut what you don’t know won’t hurt youSo I keep […]

Like That

Come on, yeah Close your eyes, baby count to threeAnd tell me nowDid you think of him, like it used to beIt ain’t no surpriseCos he’s out of love, and he’s out of luckGetting lazy nowWith that attitude, I’ve had enoughAnd it won’t be the first time Remember the lies you denied cos you said […]


Oh yeah, yeah Phone rings at a quarter to nineSome crazy girl is on the lineTalkin’ bout how I better recogniseFound my phone number in his Calvin Klein’s, and I’m likeWhat’s that gotta do with me?Your man is the one who needs questioningCos there ain’t nothing that you’re gonna achieveBy calling me and giving me […]

A Mind Of Its Own

Stop, slow down, take a deep breath (ooh yeah)Stop, slow down, take a deep breath (na na na na na)Ooh, oh I look at you and I know you’re troubleI should run just fast as I canOne smile, game overHere in front of you I standI know you’re only gonna burst my bubbleTrouble is my […]