I'll Show You Love

Oh-ooh-oh I’ll show you love more love babyIt’s all about the love I have in meSo baby let me show you loveMore love babyIt’s all about the love I have in meSo baby let me show you love Now come with me to my hidewayThat’s where you’ll find me night and dayA place where we […]

I'll Make It Right

Oh no, no, no, no, no, oh baby I’ll make it rightBaby you know that I can make it right Keep it on a cutie girl cause I’m really into you yeahTell me is there a way that i can spend some time with youSo much I wanna know about youSeems like I can’t do […]

How Do I Say

A foreign beauty so exoticWhen she smiled at meShe took my breath awayShe’s reminiscent of a goddessIt’s a shame that we could not communicateHow do I say How do I say hello?I just wanna talk to youHow do I say you’re beautifulWhen I can’t take my eyes off youI don’t wanna say the wrong thingI […]

Can U Help Me

Umm Why, Umm Why Living on the edge out of controlAnd the world just wont let me slow downBut in my biggest picture was a photo of you and meGirl you know I tired our content provide all the material things I thought that would make you happyI’m confuse can you make me understandCause I […]

Can U Get Wit It

Every time I look at uThere’s so many thing that I want to doI promise u when I’m readyI’m gonna spend my whole life with u What is love is it steadyCause I don’t know what to doTell me girl if you’re readyTo do what we came to do One day we could be togetherCause […]