[Trick]I tellin ya boy I got them boys Dog I be tryin to tell em [Verse 1: Trick Daddy, The Lost Tribe] You can’t catch me boyDon’t upset me boyTouch me my dog a wet ‘cha boyNever disrespect me boyDog you better check ya’ boyCause I’ll never thirty-eight ‘cha I’ll tech ya boyPray to God […]

Bout My Money

[Trick Daddy]Let’s see, what to do today?Fuck that I’m goin to get my money This one in a.. Thuggin memoryThat thug niggaHollywood niggaI did this one in that nigga nameHollywood nigga, yall remember that mutha fuckin name This bout that mutha fuckin moneyNIGGA!!!!!! To kill for cocaine and get a nigga killedAnd a banana peel […]

I’m A Thug

[CHORUS 1X]I don’t know what this world’s gonna bringBut I know one thing that this is the life for meBaby cause I’m a thugAll day every dayBaby cause I’m a thugWouldn’t change for the worldUh huh cause I’m a thugThat’s right you heardBaby cause I’m a thugUh huh oh yeah [TRICK DADDY](check it out)Could it […]


ft. Baby, Scarface [Trick Daddy]And the winner is, Trick DieselFacemobMy nigga Baby, ha haGangsta, gangsta, gangsta [Chorus]You know me, ‘T’ double, you know I’m a GCuz I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangstagangsta, gangsta than a motherfuckerBut it was like you, you a pussy niggaBut I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangstagangsta, gangsta than a motherfucker [Trick […]

Bricks & Marijuana

[Kase]For my niggas, in the fedsMy niggas in the penMy niggas ain’t gone neva see the streets no moThis one for you niggaFree Buddy Roe [Hook: 2x] Look I been scuffling years your honorThat’s why I’m traffickin’ these bricks and marijuanaShit [Verse 1:Kase] I been put in the worldLiving my days ducking k’sWas bursting bitches […]