Another Girl's Paradise

you caught me lingering in another girl’s paradise the way she paints the world — i want that in my life emeralds, you should know, are renting in her meadow with a stroke beauty lives how could i resist you are desire when it all is said said and done who can love you and […]

Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas

don’t make me come to vegas don’t make me pull you out of his bed i am vigilant that it will not be you on the menu he’s serving up for his friends don’t make me come to vegas don’t make me pull him out of your head athena will attest that it could be […]

Sweet Sangria

i know you know every desperado and sharp shooter in the west you say that i can’t see behind the mask of those who call themselves the good guys in this who take and take "so are you with me or not you say this time decide" balmy days sweet sangria she’s been gone have […]

Scarlet’s Walk

if you’re a thought you will want me to think you and i did invite a guest up until you announced you had moved in "what do you plan to do with all your freedom?" the new sheriff said, quite proud of his badge "you must admit the land is now in good hands" yes, […]

Mrs. Jesus

life lines and suicide crimes — he found me in a state grabbed my purse and hitched a ride with a mrs. jesus "how you been" i’ve been cruisin’ a good invention but in some ways i don’t think it gets any easieryour walking on the water bit by far my favourite one, but now […]