Gold Dust

sights and sounds pull me back down another year i was here i was here whipping past the reflecting pool me and you skipping school and we make it up as we go along we make it up we go along you said – you raced from langley – pulling me underneath a cherry blossom […]


strange thought i knew you well thought i had read the sky thought i had read a change in your eyes to strange woke up to a world that i am not a part except when i can play it’s stranger after all what were you really looking for and i wonder when will i […]


i’m not sure who’s fooling who here as i’m watching your decay we both know you could deflate a 7 hurricane seems like you and your tribe decided you’d rewrite the law segregate the mind from body and soul [CHORUS:]you give me yours i’ll give you mine cause i can look your god right in […]

Amber Waves

well he lit you up like amber waves in his movie showhe fixed you up real good till i don’t know you anymore from ballet class to a lap dance straight to video and the pool side news was that he would be launching you [CHORUS:]into every young man’s bedroom – you gave it up […]

I Can't See New York

from hereno lines aredrawnfrom hereno landsare owned13,000 and holdingswallowedin the purringof her enginestracking the beaconhere"is there a signalthereon the other side"on the other side?what do you mean side of what things?and you said and you did and you said you could find me here and you said you would find me even in death and […]